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Sticker pack

Order stuff for 600Sek (or more) & get both of these high quality limited die cut stickers for FREE added to your order automaticly! These designs are only made in these stickers & the only way to get them is to pick stuff up for 600Sek or more! This is our gift to you for supporting us! Spread love = get love, it's the circle of life!

Back to the Brothers: The 'Back to the Future' trilogy is still some of the best movies ever made according to us, ok, the 3'rd part in the trilogy (when they're in the wild west) was so & so, but still, which 80's kid growing up didn't want a Hoverboard, well, now you can have this dope tribute sticker instead!

Strictly: Tribute sticker design to one of our favourite 2Pac albums, the classic 'Strictly 4 My N#GGAZ', this sticker is stricly 4 my (our) brothers (& sisters ofc)!